My New 2nd Solo Album “AN OLD MAN’S SAD STORY” Out on December 18th!
Lucio Manca, Progressive Metal\Rock Bass Player from Italy present his New 2nd Solo Album called AN OLD MAN’S SAD STORY, featuring Garry King on drums.
Written, P3-dayroduced, Engineered and played by Lucio Manca, produced by Matteo Spiga.
The album contains 14 tracks for lovers of psychedelic\progressive rock music, and it ranges from instrumental songs to more melodic and aggressive tracks with screaming voices.
Stay Tuned!


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Lucio Manca exclusively Uses:



Ibanez Basses Series BTB 1605 ntf \ BTB 675

Series SR Fanned Fret 805-BKS \ SRX 725 \ SR 305

PCBE12MH Grand Concert Acoustic Bass


Ernie Ball Strings Regular Slinky BASS 5: 130 / 100 / 80 / 65 / 45


Warlord Custom Pedals

Distortion pedal “The QuakeLucio Manca’s Signature Pedal

Cronos Analog Delay Pedal


Ear Monitors PSM 200 Shure


Effects: Warlord Custom Pedals | Compressor/Limiter DBX 160A | ROLAND BOSS GT6B Bass multi effects

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Lucio Manca’s Contacts


For any booking enquiries please contact

luciomancabooking [at] live [dot] com



For any press enquiries please contact at

info [at] luciomanca [dot] com


info [at] spproduzioni [dot]com

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Lucio Manca Discography

(CD) “Chi saprà accettare sempre Disprezzerà”: Bavarja (2007);

(CD) “Bremys”: Bremys (2008);

(CD) “Inscribed in the Victim Scars”: Natrium (2008);

(CD) “Nodo alla Gola”: Bavarja (2009);

(CD LIVE) “Official Live”: Bavarja (2009);

(CD) “Resurgo”: Bremys (2010);

(CD) “Sacrifice”: Solid Vision (2010);

(CD + DVD) “ELEVEN 11.11.11”: Solid Vision (2011)

(CD) “Anything is better than Lie”: Monolythus (2012);

(CD) “Everybody Needs An Angel”: Lucio Manca (2013);

(CD) “ESKIMADA”: Eskimada (2013);

(CD) “INNER ROAD”: Inner Road (2014);

(CD) “I AM GOD”: Exorcism (2014);

(CD) “CORANTA”: Su Maistu (2014);

(CD) “WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF”: Iknausea (2014);

(EP)  “World In Sin“: Exorcism (2015);

(Single) “SORROW”: Lucio Manca (2015);

(CD) “7EVEN SEPT”: Lucio Manca (2015);

(Single) “No Potho Repos...

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Lucio Manca’s Biography

luciomancanoescapeLucio Manca is a Bass Player, Composer, Writer, Solo Artist and Session Man from Sardinia (Italy). He was born in Cagliari (Italy) on the 17th of march 1987. Since the young age of 6 he devoted a great passion for music and love for electric bass guitar. Between the age of 6 and 11 he constantly studied and played his instrument, improving his knowledge as a self-taught and keeping on trying to set up a band. His first band and live performance were carried out at the age of 11, within a death-metal band called Necroid. Later on he developed several music projects that ranged from punk, rock, crossover to heavy metal.
At the age of 13 he joined in a Dream Theater tribute band called “Zyro”; Then he found his ideal dimension in a definitely more atypical band called Bremys, inspired by exce...

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