Lucio Manca Discography

(CD) “Chi saprà accettare sempre Disprezzerà”: Bavarja (2007);

(CD) “Bremys”: Bremys (2008);

(CD) “Inscribed in the Victim Scars”: Natrium (2008);

(CD) “Nodo alla Gola”: Bavarja (2009);

(CD LIVE) “Official Live”: Bavarja (2009);

(CD) “Resurgo”: Bremys (2010);

(CD) “Sacrifice”: Solid Vision (2010);

(CD + DVD) “ELEVEN 11.11.11”: Solid Vision (2011)

(CD) “Anything is better than Lie”: Monolythus (2012);

(CD) “Everybody Needs An Angel”: Lucio Manca (2013);

(CD) “ESKIMADA”: Eskimada (2013);

(CD) “INNER ROAD”: Inner Road (2014);

(CD) “I AM GOD”: Exorcism (2014);

(CD) “CORANTA”: Su Maistu (2014);

(CD) “WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF”: Iknausea (2014);

(EP)  “World In Sin“: Exorcism (2015);

(Single) “SORROW”: Lucio Manca (2015);

(CD) “7EVEN SEPT”: Lucio Manca (2015);

(Single) “No Potho Reposare”; Stone Republic (2015)

(Single) “NO ESCAPE”: Lucio Manca (2015);

(Single) “GLORJA”: Lucio Manca (2016);

(Single) “Vivere (Carpe Diem)”: Tamurita (2016);

(CD) “DOWN THE WASTELAND”: Raven Lord (2016);

(CD) “An Old Man’s Sad Story”: Lucio Manca (2016);

(CD) “A GOOD DAY”: (2016);